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Services, repair and sales policy

----------------------------------------------------------------------After service done------------------------------------------------------------------

A1-Once we have called or e-mail to the customer to let him-her  know that the device is ready for pick up, the customer has 30 days to pay and repossess the device, If the customer exceeds the deadline. We reserve the right to keep the device permanently for our own use without compensation.

A2-The customer can call and ask to extend the limit to 90 days instead of  30 days in some cases, we grant the extension at our own discretion.

A3-When picked up, the device must be inspected by the customer, we are not responsible for any claim for any visible or external damage noticed after leaving.

A4-We do give back components or parts (old) that has been removed or replaced if customer ask to have that part back in 24 hrs, However some parts are totally will destroy by handling and customer is responsible for recycling for the sake of the environment, safety (such as batteries that represent a danger when they are manipulated), or by professional secrecy to not disclose techniques or pointing the exact component responsible.

A5-We are not required to disclose exact details about the repair or service process, if the customer does not feel comfortable to proceed with the repair, he may cancel under the terms of cancellation of Centre Reparation Montreal inc.

A6- We do issue refunds for repairs if there is a problem with the device or the repair was not partially or fully as supposed, we first try to solve the issue and correct the malfunction under the warranty conditions, if all repair attempts are not successful or if we notice that the repair will never succeed we will offer a partial or full refund depending on the situation.


1D-Estimated deadlines when depositing your device represent lead times calculated by averages for the same repair or similar. The actual repair time can, in some cases, be extended depending on the complexity of the task, the difficulty of having parts or complications that occurred during the repair.

2D-If the delay is 45 days beyond the expected date and we are unable to return the device to the original state (with the exception of the mentioned cases such as micro cracks, manipulation on circuits or micro welds and liquid damage …), we undertake to compensate the customer by agreeing on an offer, replacing with a device of the same value or the same device in the same condition if available (the customer will still have to pay for the initially estimated costs).

3D-Deadlines are not counted if the customer understands and grants an open or updated deadline if agreed.

Example: a repair may be slower and we advise the customer of a new known or unknown dead time while offering the possibility to restore the device as deposited but the customer prefers to leave his device for repair until further notice.(with the exception of the cases mentioned previously such as micro cracks , manipulations on circuits or micro welds and liquid damage …)


4D-The diagnostic costs are indicated to the client when the device is deposited, these costs cover the efforts, time and expenses related to finding the cause of the problem, the planning of the task (given service) and the estimate of time and costs.

5D-The customer may cancel the repair if the estimate or the terms of repair do not suit him, but he is obliged to pay the costs of diagnosis.

6D-The customer must pay for the diagnostics even if we cannot repair the device or provide with the service.

7D-The diagnostic costs are waved when the customer accepts the fee of the services and service or repair is succeeded.

--------------------------------------------------------------Follow up and updates-------------------------------------------------------------------

1F-We are not obliged to follow up on partial progress, but the customer can always contact us for partial updates if available.

2F-The deadlines for replies by email are not fixed and can be much slower than those given by voice over the phone, our official mean of communication is our free phone line, if the customer wants a quick answer, the best way is to call us, if the customer is totally unable to reach us by phone, he must notify us to ask for an exception to be added to his-her file.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Know the policy-----------------------------------------------------------------------

1K-This text is a summary of the most important points of our policy and does not cover all scenarios or cases, it is important to read this policy and if you do not find a case or situation that concerns you please ask clarifications and we can produce by email a confirmation and explanations on the point you want to clarify or detail.

2k-It is the customer’s responsibility to know the policy before initiating a service or making a purchase, once the service in progress or completed or the product sold, the customer has already accepted the terms by default.

Liquid damage

1L- We may be required to remove certain components in order to work and diagnose, we might not put them back if the customer does not agree to proceed with the repair:

Examples: connectors or corroded circuits and components, plate and component covers.

2L-There may be a minimum charge when partial or complete functions are restored, repair for appliances that require pre-repair or cleaning.

3L-For any operation involving water damage, we do not offer any guarantee on the success of the repair.

4L-Our statistics show that 10% of water-damaged units deteriorate to the point of no return over time or during repairs, your water-damaged unit may work partially when it is brought for repair and even before initiating the repair the state of the device deteriorates due to the reactions between the minerals and the metals present inside the device, the corrosion can cause additional damage before we start working on the device, this damage should have happened if you left your device for some more time before deciding to have it repaired.

---------------------------------------------------------------Methods of payment---------------------------------------------------------------------

1M-It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the desired method of payment is offered before depositing the device or requesting a service or purchasing an item.

2M-We do not take any item or method of payment against our services or products, full payments in the methods of payment offered are required to take back the device, purchase an item or service.

3M-The refunds granted are given according to the same mode of payment of the transaction, the customer must ask about delays and procedures before proceeding to the payment of a service or product.

-------------------------------------------------------------------Ongoing repair-----------------------------------------------------------------------






-1O-Roll back, the customer cannot ask to cancel a partial or completed repair and is obliged to pay in order to pick up the device.

2O- We are very picky with customers devices and try to avoid any damage to the device but we are not responsible of minor and natural damage when working on a device such as scratches on housing when opening a device since some devices are not made to be opened without putting stress to the chassis or screen to open it up

3O-Some components may be bypassed or jumped (replaced by conductors) during the repair, this is not a mishandling or bad manipulation.

4O-We may be required to remove certain components in order to work and diagnose, we will not give them back or put them back if the customer does not agree to proceed with the repair:

Examples: circuits and components damaged and useless in their state on the device, covers of plates and welded components.

5O-If the customer has chosen to take back his device or the device is not repairable when we have already removed a part that cannot be put back in place, we will return the device without the component removed, example: shattered glass that is pieces.

6O-We are not responsible for data or loss of data during repairs. We recommend that you back up the data, if possible, before bringing your device.

7O-We are not responsible for accessories left with the device (protective case, SIM card, memory card, etc.).

8O-If, during a repair, a technical problem occurs, we undertake to take care of any additional repairs caused by our efforts, but we ask you to respect the additional time that may be required (ordering parts, etc.)

9O-It is not up to the customer but rather to us to decide if the damage is caused by us, by hidden defects or previous damage aggravated by simple correct manipulations (example very common: micro cracks on the motherboard).

10O-Micro cracks: micro cracks are extremely thin cracks not visible to the naked eye or microscope if they are located in an intermediate layer of the motherboard or an integrated circuit or electronic component, a device may have a symptom X that we think is related to a faulty circuit but the problem lies in a micro-cracked circuit board. From this moment any simple handling like removing a screw can allow the crack to grow due to the relaxation of the pressure supported by the screw, thus causing other symptoms, we can compare it to a layer of ice on water that looks solid but contains invisible cracks that make it vulnerable to pressure and stress and can break when walking on it, while the same layer in the same conditions without cracks can support the same stress without problems.

11O-micro cracks are irreversible in 95% of cases and unfortunately result in permanent damage for which we are not responsible.

12O-The integrated circuit replacement services we offer are state-of-the-art and require extreme precision, we consider these types of repairs as very advanced and very risky, and therefore we are not responsible for any damages caused by manipulations. The customer by granting this repair agrees to take these risks.

13O-For any operation involving water damage, we do not offer any guarantee on the success of the repair, our statistics show that 10% of water-damaged appliances deteriorate to the point of no return over time or during repairs, your water-damaged unit may be partially working when it is brought for repair and even before initiating repair the condition of the unit will deteriorate due to reactions between the minerals and the metals inside the device, so corrosion may damage the device even before we start working on it, this damage should have happened if you left your device for some more time before deciding to have it repaired.

14O-If the customer decides to cancel a repair according to the conditions of the policy, he must give us a delay to close, test and return the device to its state

Parts or items availability

1P-We do not have all parts or items on sale in stock. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that we have the part or item in inventory before he has to drop off a device, have it repaired or for a purchase, sometimes we reserve a part to perform a certain task or repair and the part received is defective, incompatible or delayed in the transport or delivery.


2P-Prices are subject to change without notice and we are not responsible for a price change made before we formally estimate the cost (when depositing the device or service is given). Example: the customer has seen a few days ago a certain price on our site and when he passed deposit the device the prices had already changed, we will not be obliged to give him the price he saw before.

3P-Prices on our website may be inaccurate due to errors or late updates, the only official price we give on site when the device is dropped.

4P-The repair costs are only given for the repair or agreed service, for example: a customer brings his damaged device with a liquid or does not turn on and he has a cracked glass or LCD screen, we do not give an estimate for screen repair unless requested by the customer or discussed and agreed at the time of the deposit.

Returns and exchanges

1R-We do not return accessories and items that do not have mechanical or electrical systems, unless there is a manufacturing problem (aesthetic or functional).

2R-We do not return any item sold before we try to repair it or offer a replacement item, the repair times vary by device and the repair that should be done.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Terms used--------------------------------------------------------------------------

1T-We use simplified terms and language to enable better understand of the policy.

2T-We use the masculine gender to simplify and lighten the text


1W-The guarantee is strict and explained on our site and on the invoice, at the end of the warranty period we do not accept claims on the guarantee.

2W-Simplified warranty: everything that happens that affects the repaired part and that is the fault of the customer or the environment is not covered under the warranty, the warranty covers functional defects due to improper installation or defective part.

Example: Broken glass, liquid damage, excessive heat, excessive cold, improper handling, shock or pressure.

3W-The warranty period varies depending on the type of repair or service (available on our website)

The guarantee does not cover:

4W-cracked or broken screen, damage to LCD or OLED panel, damage to touch panel.

5W-Port or charging connector damaged, the connector is bent, ripped or shows signs of corrosion or mishandling.

6W-Case that has been impacted or bent, showing signs of misuse or accidents.

7W-All types of liquid damage, by accident or negligence.

8W-Appliance modified, opened, repaired or serviced by a party other than iTronics.

9W-Defects not related to the repair or given service.

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